SumoLings Automation Suite

This product is a Life Time Deal and will give you access to Automation Software made for SumoLings

It includes 3 software at the moment and we will be adding more:
1- AppSumo Expenses Automation: Will scrape your AppSumo expenses page and gather all your expenses amounts into a csv file
2- Latest Deals Automation: It will browse all the latest software deal and save their data into a CSV file
3- All AppSumo Deals Data: This gives you access to a Google Sheet URL with all the deals data, updated once a week.

These Software were made with RTILA Studio, Grab your AppSumo Life Time Deal and start creating your own Automation Software:

Video on our Standalone Executable Compiler feature with RTILA (using AppSumo Expenses Automation as an example):
YouTube Link: