Customer support activities in the field of web automation is an intensely time consuming and costly activity, but it usually provides great ROI. Our main support responsibility is centered around the well functioning of our software and licenses activations for the main license holder. When it comes to support for your own automation projects you can use our free resources, ask for assistance in the community FaceBook group or go for a paid support option.

Free Support Resources

Free ChatBotChat with AiMeena which is contunuously trained on our content to find answers & guidance in a self-service way.
Support TicketsAnyone can submit a ticket for billing & software or website functionalities issues. For support with automation projects please use one of the paid options

Paid Support Services

RTILA Prime Subscription:
$9/month (vs. $29/month)Extend ticket support to cover templates & commands configuration as well as access to premium assets. More info…
Custom Project Debugging:
$15/project resolutionQuick & cheap paid resolution for your projects that are 80 to 90% done. Our team will unlock your flow or refund you. More info…
Custom Project Building:
$99/project initiationGet vetted RTILA Experts 2H work to study, partially build & quote a project based on your recorded/documented flow. More info…

* Project Debugging assumes that you have already developed 80 to 90% of the project and covered all the steps/processes but you are stuck with one last step or action that prevents you from having that project working. Our team can help debugging and finalizing this project for you, whether it is about finding missing CSS locators or custom collections or correcting a pagination or conditional logic flow…

** RTILA Prime is a subscription that offers extended support to cover Project Debugging at a fixed fee per month while also giving you access to all premium assets made by RTILA Team (premium templates, custom commands and courses).

*** Custom Project Building assumes that you master all the steps and processes and have done a video screen recording of the whole flow and you need an Expert to start developing this automation for you from scratch. The initial $99 fee per project acts as a pre-payment fee for studying and confirming the feasibility of your project and for simple projects may include a first version of the automation but not necessarily a fully functional automation. The Expert will explain what has already been done with a first investment of 2H of work, and what remains to be done and how many hours of work would be needed. RTILA Team will back up Experts work and also acts as a trusted intermediary for a realistic estimation of work/efforts. RTILA takes a 10% commission from the Expert side to ensure the backup & monitoring of the delivery. After this first step, one or more Experts may send you an offer in terms of number of hours and cost per hour, depending on their seniority and the level of complexity of the automation. Experts pricing may vary from $20 to $60/H depending on seniority of the Expert.