Our RPA Tools grow with you

RTILA is built on a versatile multi-layer platform that allows us to deploy new features while maintaining speed, performance & security

Ai Powered Selector

Select & Extract Data

Simply point and click on the data fields that you want to select and follow the guidance and filter options of our selector panel. Organize your data into DataSets then use the automation panel to extract the target data.

Automated Data Manipulation

Enrich & Format Data

Link the results of a given bot or automation as an input for an other automation flow which will take care of enriching, correcting and standardizing your data. The end result is a structured and high quality data table which can feed into an automated marketing funnel.

Monetize Data & Processes

Give Value to Data

With RTILA you can turn data into valuable time saving and therefore giving a financial value to our automation. Deploy sales and marketing automation, track results and adapt automation processes until you reach your best conversion potential.