Amazon Best Sellers Scraping

Template Description

This template gathers information about the top-selling products in every category on It does this by examining the links to the best-selling items in each category and extracting details about the products.

Commands description

  • Selector Variable (Dom Element) : This variable is used to check if the next page button is disabled, and it will be called later to determine whether the loop breaks or goes into the next page.
  • List Variable: This variable is used to store the URLs of the bestseller sections of each category.
  • Go To URL: This command goes into each URL stored in the List Variable.
  • Infinite Loop: This command creates an infinite loop and runs the commands inside the loop.
  • Extract Results: This command extracts the results of the Data Sets configured in the Inspection section, with all the properties that store each product detail.
  • Click on an element: This command clicks on the next page button in case there are more products on the next page.
  • Compare Variables: This condition command checks the variable we declared earlier if the next page button is disabled and there are no more pages then the loop breaks

Dataset Properties Description

Property nameDescriptionCSS SelectorAdvanced options and filters
TITLEGets the product titlespan ._cDEzb_p13n-sc-css-line-clamp-3_g3dy1Attribute > Title
RATINGGets the overall ratings of the productgridItemRoot .a-size-smallInner Text
STAR RATINGGets the star rating.a-icon-row aInner Text
PRICEGets the product price.a-color-secondary , ._cDEzb_p13n-sc-price_3mJ9ZInner Text
IIMAGE URLGets the Image URL.p13n-product-imageAttribute > Src

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