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RTILA Leads Generation

RPA for Leads Generation Automation

Increase Business Leads in Volume & Quality

RTILA can help you automate your outreach and conversion channels and run all the validation processes in the background to output for you neat and actionable data sets.

  • Extract data from multiple target sources
  • Enhance data sets & standardize formatting
  • Automate sales conversion funnels & fulfillment

Main Features

RPA ToolSet

A suite of tools & functionalities that allows you to do anything you want with any data you want.

RPA Cards

Cards are an evolution of bots as they can seamlessly and securely be combined into other automation flows.

RPA Vault

Automate and collaborate without exposing your credentials. The Vault keeps your sensitive data secure.

Data Mining

Select and extract data from the most intricate sources in a record time.

Data Enrichment

Format, enrich, complement and correct extracted data on the fly.

Data Monetization

Give your data a business meaning and a financial value.

Boost your Business Competitiveness

Grow Faster
Grow Better

Robotics Processes Automation (RPA) allows you to save critical Human time by delegating repetitive tasks and processes to bots which can interact with your team to increase the overall output of your company without additional Human Resources.

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