Google Sheets Read Write & Update

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This Custom Command is an advanced and powerful command to fully control a Google Sheet. It allows you to query and read within all the rows and content for certain keywords or combination of keywords in specific columns. For each found occurrence the Command will then read and save the data from your specified columns so that you can use that data and feed it into a List command for kicking off a loop of commands.

This command also supports writing new data into new rows as well as update existing data in specific rows and columns.

Finally the command also has the ability to create a header row if needed and can also apply cell background color as well as font color to give visual and color differentiation for your data.

With this command you can use Google Sheet as your CRM or Lead management panel where you can have multiple RTILA automations connecting to the same Google Sheet and using different statuses to trigger and perform different automations at the same time.

The instructions on how it works and how to use this command are contained in the sample google Sheet used in our demo template:

Before using the template and importing this custom command, make sure you have read the documentation on how to import and use a custom command, see here: