New revolution in data automation

Web Automation

Turn repetitive tasks into software & free up critical time for more value-adding activities, or monetize your automation software through payments and/or advertising.
Works with Windows, Mac & Linux

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Web Automation

Automate web tasks & release time for more productive work

Works with Windows, Mac & Linux


RTILA-Like An Automation Software Making Factory

Turn repetitive tasks into software & free up critical time for more value-adding activities, or monetize your automation software through payments and/or advertising.

Works with Windows, Mac & Linux

Data Mining & Scrapping
Data Formatting & Enrichment
Data Monetization & Marketing
Data Mining & ScrappingSelect and extract data from the most intricate sources in a record time
Data Formatting & EnrichmentFormat, enrich, complement and correct extracting data on the fly
Data Monetization & MarketingGive your data a business meaning and a financial value.


API Aggregators

RTILA Cloud API is also integrated with the major Integration platforms such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, or Make/Integromat. When creating your automation flows on those platforms you will be able to search for and find RTILA appearing both as a trigger and also as a result/input App. This approach allows you to immediately involve over 5,000 Apps in your RTILA automation flow.

CLOUD API Integrations

You can use our Cloud API to trigger and retrieve RTILA automation flows and their results, using the various end points we are offering. The Cloud API allows you to specify and send/retrieve your own custom variables.

CMS Plugin Integrations

RTILA has developed multiple plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce and will soon release a version of these plugins for Shopify, Magento, Prestashop and other major E-commerce/CMS platforms.

JAVA Script Integrations

These are Integrations that rely on on our Execute JavaScript Command to connect to the target websites APIs and send/retrieve data between your flow and the target system. These JS based integration are very powerful and flexible as they allows you to edit/update and even create your own custom functionalities or Integrations for APIs/Websites that are not yet supported by RTILA

Native Integrations

These are integrations that are to be enabled and configured from the Project settings panel. For example our ChatGPT API integration that you will find in RTILA Studio in Projects Panel > Configure > More Options > ChatGPT. The Native integrations only give you configuration settings such as External system API key or other basic configuration. Only RTILA team is able to update and modify these integrations.

Web Interface Integrations

For all websites who do not have an API RTILA Studio is able to turn them into an API Like website using the web front-end and or back-end to allow you to extend your automation to almost any website.

RPA ToolsetA suites of tools and functionalities that allows you to do anything you want with any data
RPA CardsCards are an evolution of bots as they can seamlessly and securely be combined into other automation flows.
RPA VaultAutomate and collaborate without exposing your credentials. The Vault keeps your sensitive data secure.
Robotic Process Automation


RPA for Leads Generation Automation
Increase Business Leads in Volume & QualityRTILA can help you automate your outreach and conversion channels and run all the validation processes in the background to output for you neat and actionable data sets.
Extract data from multiple target sources
Enhance data sets & standardize formatting
Automate sales conversion funnels & fulfillment
Boost your Business Competitiveness
Grow Faster Grow BetterRobotics Processes Automation (RPA) allows you to save critical Human time by delegating repetitive tasks and processes to bots which can interact with your team to increase the overall output of your company without additional Human Resources.

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