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Build automations & deploy them as your own software, SaaS or DataSet.
Desktop software for Windows, Mac & Linux

Discover our RPA & Web Automation Solutions

Studio (freemium)Flagship desktop software to create & edit high value automations with conditions, APIs & 300+ functionalities

Launcher (free)A generic software to easily launch .bot automation files without the need to have knowledge about RTILA Studio

Cloud API (free beta)Connect your automation flows to thousands of Apps via our Zapier, Pabbly, Make integration or via our Cloud API

Extension (free beta)Chrome extension to help finding unique, resilient & short CSS locators for your commands & properties

Data related activities that you can automate

Data Mining & InputAn absolute beast of a web scrapping software. Crawl, paginate & extract data any website & input it anywhere

Data MonitoringMonitor competition prices, pages, social media posts or any content online and trigger associated flows

Data EnrichmentFormat, verify & manipulate data on the fly. Use APIs & flows to find related contact details, social media profiles

Data MonetizationAutomate omnichannel targeted, timely & highly customized outreach using emails, social, mobile & more

Automate the whole spectrum of the web

What the market is saying about RTILA

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“I’ve been using RTILA software for quite a while now and it’s genuinely amazing how much this product has to offer… ”
Alexandre K
UX/UI & motion designer
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“I recently started using RTILA. And I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The tool is incredibly powerful and …”
Web agency manager
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“RTILA is awesome. It has been the perfect tool for me to be able to scrape a vendor website I use for my ecommerce store”
E-Commerce owner
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“Crazy Awesome! This software is like a swiss-army knife. It has a ridiculous number of tools that do a ton of stuff and a few tools.”
Automation enthusiast
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New automation templates every day

We and our community are creating new automation recipes every day, offering you a fresh supply of automated flows for your most needed data for websites like google, amazon, trustpilot, tripadvisor… but also for the most common e-commerce, CRM & SAAS websites.

New custom commands every week

We have opened our command engine to third party developers. You can now develop, import, use or distribute new functionalities for RTILA Studio without waiting for the next software update. Custom Commands can use client-side JavaScript but also server-side NodeJS or npm packages.

Features improvements every month

We continuously improve over 90 features, native commands and dataset settings which allow you to scrape and manipulate almost any type of data from and between almost any website. Anything you do with your mouse & keyword on a web page can be automated with RTILA.