Click On An Element Event

Definition #

The “click on an element” event is an interaction that occurs when a user clicks on a clickable element in a user interface, such as a button or a hyperlink. When the user adds the “clicks on an element ” event , Rtila software creates an automated click , and a “click” event is triggered just like you are clicking on that element.

Add & configure Click On An Element Event #

To add this event on your automation project , search for it in the event tap of new command inter face. After adding it , there are many fields and action you need to configure , each one will be explained below .

  1. Set the name of the element you want to click on
  2. Clicking on inspect allows you to inspect the CSS selector of the element
  3. This clears the CSS selector field allowing you to inspect another CSS selector
  4. CSS selector shows you the selector you inspected or gives you the ability to enter one manually or edit it to get the right CSS selector for the element
  5. This Target field is responsible for choosing where you want the click to happen and it has three options
    • Default
    • New tab ( opens a new tab )
    • Same tab ( clicks on the same tab you are working on )
  6. The attribute of the clicked element
  7. Here you can choose what do you want to happens if the element is not found

Click on Element & CSS Selector in Action #

Here is an example of using Rtila inspector to get the google search bar CSS selector then adding a click event on it.

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