Correcting & Completing Auto-Recorder Commands

What is the Auto-Recorder? #

The “Auto Recorder” feature in the RTILA automation tool is a functionality that allows users to easily record and generate automation commands based on their interactions with a web application or website. It simplifies the process of creating automation scripts by capturing the user’s actions and translating them into executable commands.

The Auto Recorder feature is particularly beneficial for users who may not have extensive programming knowledge or experience in creating automation scripts from scratch. It provides a more intuitive and user-friendly approach to automating web tasks by capturing and translating their manual interactions into executable commands. This feature can significantly reduce the time and effort required to create robust automation scripts, enabling users to streamline repetitive tasks and improve their productivity.

Start Recording Commands #

To start recording your commands and creating your automation, you will only need to click on the RECORD button in the bottom right corner of the automation panel. Once you have clicked on the record button, the recorder will be capturing each interaction you do in the browser panel and start creating the commands based on your actions.

Note: Please note that there are some limitations on the record commands feature and some commands may not be captured and translated, so we will be explaining how correct and complete these commands manually in the next section.

Correct & Complete Auto-Recorder Commands #

The Auto-Recorder feature is not flawless and it may not be able to capture and translated all commands, that’s why we may need some editing to do in order to complete the automation. The edits we might need can be :

  • Deleting unnecessary commands
  • Capturing the CSS selectors from the automated commands created by the recorder
  • Adding the missing commands which have been missed by the recorder

Here is our Video tutorial for correcting and completing a simple google search automation

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