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Google is continuously changing their security and authentication process, this tutorial may become obsolete quickly but the principles remain similar and you can submit a ticket for our team to guide you. The technique we are using in this case it to create a project to login and initiate a session within our Automation Panel. And we can then re-use this profile session to login into different Google services such as Gmail, YouTube etc.

Download & use the latest RTILA Studio build #

Make sure you have download the most recent build of RTILA Studio as we continuously improve our profile session feature. To do so you can visit our GitHub Repository and download the file version which is the most recent.

Create new project with Google Account URL #

The first step is to create a new project that will have https://accounts.google.com as its default URL, see below.

Preparations before creating the session #

Before you create the login session there are a number of things you need to do, in the order specified below:
0: Before starting please make use you have switched to the Automation Panel
1: You need to disable the Show Preview (the result table at the bottom of the panel should not appear)
2: You need add/use the “Switch browser identity” command, select “Mobile” and check “Reload page” box
3: Now click on the RUN icon to actually run this command and wait for the web page to reload (now simulating a mobile)
4: Make sure you check the “Disable Selector” checkbox so that you can freely interact with the login process
5: You can now start the login session by entering your Gmail address then click Next

Follow the login process manually #

We suggest not to try using command blocks to automate this step as it does not provide value and requires human intervention in any case. Just proceed to manually login to your google account and follow the prompts. Enter your google account password when promoted then click on Next. And then if you have setup 2-Step verification you will be asked be presented with this query and here choose your authentication method and do the verification step. in this example we use the Google Authenticator App.

Enter your password and click next
Choose 2FA Method
Enter 2 FA code and click Next

Login Successful confirmation screen #

Once you finish the authentication steps you will be redirected to your Google Account home page, as you can see below we are now properly logged in. We have created a Google Account Profile Session and it will remain active unless you logout within this project/profile or if you delete this project.

Check Security Email alert & confirm activity #

You most probably have received a security alert by email from Google. Make sure you click on “Check Activity” and then validate that this login session was indeed a genuine one. This will help qualifying your automations on Google as being safe.

Make sure you click on “Yes it was me” and this makes your RTILA browser signature whitelisted by Google.

Re-use this Profile Session in other projects #

RTILA Projects are able to piggy back on existing Profile Session, take away the hassle of creating a new session for each project that involves Google authentication. In this example we will create a new project to access our Gmail, and we will select the existing Profile Session to be automatically logged in with Gmail. Enter https://gmail.com as the project URL and then in the Profile dropdown select the Profile Project that we created earlier.

Alternatively you can use the More Option button and then select the profile to use for this new project. See below

Once you have selected the Profile session and you open this project, you will see that you are already logged in to Gmail.

And likewise if you visit other Google Apps, such as Google Calendrer you will be automatically logged in, see below.

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