Auto-Recorder as a 1st step

Expectation calibration #

The Auto Recorder is a great feature as it can be a fun and time-saving opportunity for your automations. But is not the ultimate tool that works 100% of every single website. The web is an intricate network of diversity in programming languages, coding styles and security features. So what may look easy on the surface/appearance of a web page may actually be a maze in the source code.

Also RTILA and the Auto-Selector by consequence, is really focused on the interaction with the elements of a web page, and is not necessarily able to interact with other sections of the browser such as the address bar, the browser menu or browser extensions.

The value of the Auto-Recorder #

So to appreciate the value of the Auto-recorder we advise that you consider it as a great first reflex and attempt to save few seconds or minutes on your automations. And be ready and open to the fact that you may have to just use our normal automation builder for a certain number of cases where the Auto-recorder is not catching all the actions you need.

Video Tutorial for the Auto-Recorder #

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