Execute JavaScript Code command

Definition #

The “Execute JavaScript code” command is a feature available in Rtila software that allows you to run JavaScript code directly inside the command so to create functionalities and actions that are not covered by a dedicated RTILA command.

It’s important to note that the “Execute JavaScript code” requires a bit of familiarity with JavaScript and chatGPT can help generate great JavaScript code for RTILA, with few amendments to be done for the code to execute properly inside RTILA environment. It is also to be noted that risks are associated with this command if you are executing malicious code or code from untrusted sources this can be dangerous and can compromise the security of your computer or web browser or that of your clients and users. We advise caution and responsibility.

Add & Configure Execute JavaScript Code command #

To execute JavaScript code using this command, you need to search and add the command from the action section . Once added you can edit two fields: the Name and the JavaScript Code

Add Execute JavaScript Code command
Edit the command Configuration
  1. Rename the command with the right description of what the command does
  2. Write the JavaScript Code that you want to execute

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