Input (prompt box) Variable

Use Case #

When developing an Automation that would use inputs from users you can use the Input variable, which will open a prompt box on the browser side and request the user to enter a certain information before continuing the automation flow.

Add & Configure the Input Variable #

In the Variable group, look for Input (prompt box) and add it to your automation flow. You can then change the Dialog message which will be displayed to the user, to guide the input.

Use the Input Variable to populate a field #

Once the user will input the data, it will be saved into the input variable and we can call that value back in other commands or properties by using this syntax: {{VariableName}} which in our case would be {{Input}}. In our example we will call this variable inside the Populate text field command. See below we have used {{Input}} as the Value field for Point 1. We the then specify the class name of the Google search bar in the CSS selector (Point 2) field to locate the search bar where we will populate this variable value entered by our user.

See it in action #

In the video below you can see on user side how the input prompt box appears and once the user enters the keyword and clicks ok, this keyword will be used to do the search on google.

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