DataSet Types

Selecting the right DataSet Type #

DataSets are the main data containers that group individual data properties which are saving the data of every target CSS element. When RTILA is scrapping a given page it needs to know how the target data is presented. And there are 2 types of pages or types of data structures which we will further define below. If you do not select the right DataSet RTILA will be missing or misplacing data as it does not understand the structure and type of the page.

List type: List type is to be used for pages that present the data in grid or table format. And here RTILA needs to understand that each row of the data on that page, is also a row of data in your results table. This type is to be used for product archives pages, company profile listings etc…

Detail type: This type is for single product or single profile pages, where the data about one single entities are listed. With this Type RTILA will understand that every element you target is a column cell for the single row of data for this particular product/company/listing.

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