Hover Mouse On Element Command

Definition #

The “Hover Mouse On Element” command refers to an action in Rtila Automation where the cursor is moved over an element on a webpage, such as a button or a link, without clicking it. This action triggers a visual response from the webpage, which might change the element’s appearance, display a tooltip or a menu, or perform some other action.

Add & configure Hover Mouse On Element Command #

Add #

In order to use the “hover mouse on element ” command, you need to add it from the event bar of the new command section. Then you can set the following configuration.

Configure #

  1. Set a name that describes the element which the mouse will hover
  2. Clicking on inspect allows you to inspect the CSS selector of the element
  3. This clears the CSS selector field allowing you to inspect another CSS selector
  4. CSS selector shows you the selector you inspected, to locate where the Hover Mouse will be on
  5. The Pointer field lets you choose whether you want the hover to be:
    • on the center of the element
    • On precise coordinates using X and Y coordinates
  6. Here you can choose what you want to happen if the element is not found

Hover Mouse On Element Command In Action #

Here is an example of the ” Hover Mouse On Element ” command that Hovers on the Amazon sign-in navigation bar.

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