Reset RTILA Studio local database

Use case #

If you are encountering strange behaviors’ from RTILA Studio such as settings not being saved or commands and properties disappearing, it may be due to a corruption or problem related to the local database file of RTILA Studio.

Locate the database file #

On Windows the file is located in the AppData/Roaming/rtila-database folder. Or you can do a search for this filename: D_rtiladb-v5.sqlite and you should be able to locate it for Mac OS and Linux as the filename remains the same.

Backup database & project files #

For safety measure copy and paste your file into a different folder like “My Documents” or even on a different drive, so to keep a copy of it. Also it is good practice if you export all your projects from RTILA Studio into .rtila files and save them in the same folder.

Delete database file & re-install RTILA Studio #

The next step is to delete the database file from the initial/default folder. Then un-install RTILA Studio, download and install the latest version from GitHub. Then install RTILA Studio and it will create a new fresh database and no projects appearing in it.

Now import the project for which you had bugs or create a new project from scratch and test the different functions that were not working initially, mainly saving project settings.

If the problem persists after this, submit a support ticket and let us know your computer Operating System version.

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